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Our new fees are based on personalized service: ( rate  change effective 1/15/2024)
* compare the cost of your family member's time off work or payment to a private caregiver
* a higher level of expertise and care than a typical driver, riding in style safely
* our transport specialists are all current for former/retired healthcare workers with 80 yrs total care experience

* updates to family about status, physical assistance during a one-on-one outing
* the physical ease and decreased stress of being able to wheel into a ramp accessible van or transfer in to a small SUV 
* our staff can navigate the growing Austin Area traffic for you , construction and all!
Our average round trip is $95 for most clients traveling to destinations 20-25 min from home




If you are independent with your mobility and only need transport OR  If you have a family member to go with you

  • We will wait outside during your appointment and are ready to roll once you finish.

  • Total cost is calculated from pickup time to dropoff back  at home.

  • This option works best for quick appointments (ie. lab draws, chiropractic appointments or if you simply don't want to wait for a pickup.

  • Typically more expensive than Options 2 and 3 if you have a longer appt.



Staggered dropoff with another client, we drop you off then return later for pickup 

  • Return Surcharge ($30) will be applied for going back and forth (your waiting is not charged additionally, the time resumes when we return for pickup to home).

  • This option is generally less costly, can be applied in some cases where destinations are similar/nearby

  • Sometimes there is more wait time for pickup, 15-30 min, sometimes we are back before you know it and will wait for you!




For dialysis, infusions chemo, surgeries, procedures, imaging, banking/legal meetings 

  • These typically last 1.5+ hrs from start to finish

  • we can help you check in, and then return at a designated time when you are finished.

  • We custom schedule 2 pickups/dropoffs, the waiting time for pickup is affected by how accurate the actual finishing time is compared to designated scheduled time

  • Pricing is similar to OPTION 2



Our wait time at your appointment affects other bookings. We are often at the mercy of traffic patterns, road accidents, weather and road construction.


The biggest factor out of our control is how on time your medical office is running!

Sometimes other clients' appointments are changed with little notice, and we try to make it work as well as we can as we know everyone's timing affects others!

TRIP FEE: This is your base fee and depends on how far you live from Austin ($5-$40). It covers the time and resources to drive to your home and get back to Austin after your ride. Trip fees apply to all rides.



This is a higher hourly rate than regular service (above) $72/hr

  • This option benefits those who need significant physical assistance, transfer help in/out of bed/wheelchair

  • Note taking or advocacy if attending appointments alone is something we pride ourselves in

  • If you are an adult child living in a different city than a parent needing care, please let us know if you want to be "present" on speaker or video phone during an appt

  • Full service also applies to clients who need significant scheduling assistance, calls to medical office on their behalf or care coordination with a case manager or social worker.

  • After hours and weekend call support is also included.

  • Peace of mind is everything and everyone has different areas where they need support  ... 



Schedule your ride home from the hospital. 

$110 Flat - Austin Area

$140 - Surrounding area

both options add trip fee

Flat fee includes:

    • loading and transporting your belongings

    • coordinating with family, hospital nurse or social worker

    • making sure you are "tucked in" to being home again

    • returning home can be one of most hectic times

    • if you have home health starting, we can give them a call to notify them you are home

    • often times when you are discharging from a medical facility there is a lot of "hurry up and wait" going on  and we are with you during that stressful time.

    • This fee also includes behind the scenes coordination with social workers or discharge planners at your facility.



Schedule your ride to or from the airport. 

$130 Flat - Austin Area

one way, plus trip fee

  • Fee includes:

    • home pickup time relative to flight departure

    • luggage assist

    • assist to checkin or coordinate with TSA Cares if needed

    • stay with you up to TSA point where un-ticketed people cannot pass. Sometimes waiting for TSA transport an last 20-30 minutes and we won't leave you alone til you are in good hands.

  • Separate booking for return to include: 

    • flight pickup, waiting in cell phone lot

    • baggage assist and closest exit pickup

    • driver can park and meet at baggage if needed

    • everything is customizable, especially when your flight is delayed or after hours


The quickest way to reach Elsa or Amy for scheduling is by text. We don't have a receptionist in an office 24/7. So, if we are driving it is not safe to answer the phone. We will call or text you back when we arrive at our destination and check in our client. 

Often, you may get a text from Elsa as a response to your voicemail. This helps you have a visual record of the information we discuss. Often, we don't answer the phone if we are inside of a medical office.

If you don't respond to a text, we will know to call you. Sometimes texting is not your thing, it's no problem!

   Special Events    - 

    -   Out of Town Service

We do out of town service all over Texas. This requires planning ahead for a full day of availability. Trips can be one way or round trip and are customizable!


If you want to book family dinners or wedding transport, pricing is similar to OPTION 3 above.

Weekend surcharge applies.

You may email directly or use the contact form below. Texting is always preferred if you are able.

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