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Plano, TX



Austin, TX

You are punctual ... and always attentive to my needs.  I always feel secure and safe in your van.


My wheelchair is critical to my mobility issues and your service is critical for my daily life.

Your service provides me freedom to do what I am unable to do on my own.

I highly recommend your service!

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Austin, TX

I'm blind.


She took me to vote and I appreciate her taking the time to check over my ballot too.

I felt relieved.

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Pflugerville, TX

I can't say enough about the quality of service we received. I was able to enjoy my daughters wedding knowing the my husband was in great hands.


From start to finish, Elsa was prompt, professional, and very cautious with her driving as to not to disturb his comfort. She stayed close to the venue so when my husband was ready to go she immediately pulled up to get him.


This is the first time he didn't complain about the ride to and from!

We highly recommend.

Concerning our experience with Elderwheels, on a scale of 10, we give it a 10!

We couldn't have been more pleased and more confident putting our (adult) son in Elsa's care.

I knew after speaking with her on the phone that he would be in good hands.

Elsa was very sensitive to my son's condition and needs, stopping for bathroom breaks and letting him stretch is legs.

She was in contact with me by text during these stops and giving me updates on the arrival time.

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