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Welcome ...

Where do you wanna go?

Elderwheels is a concierge private pay assisted accessible transportation service

  • Owned and operated by a physical therapist with 20 years of experience

  • Created to fill gaps between healthcare, senior services and what you actually need

  • We assist our elders with transport needs and leisure wishes using ramp vans and SUV

  • We won't be doing - therapy - per se, but you'll benefit  from our therapy brains : )



We know your name

We love to hear what's happening

in your life! No application needed


We aren't just drivers

We're rehab professionals

who use our skills and

experience to your advantage


Ramp access

Clean driving record

4 point harness, seatbelt

Sit up front or in wheelchair

Once secured, we hit the road!

Good vibes

We are a positive, sustainable business hoping to make your life

(and the world) so much better!


Our approach

PATIENT: we know it takes extra time to do things, you may get tired or need to go to the bathroom. We work with elders all day, we get it : )

HOLISTIC: we know you are more than a diagnosis and an age, you are a person with needs and wishes, emotions and ideas. We are listening.

ORGANIZED: we are experienced in logistics and planning for small details (which can turn an outing into a miserable experience). We are prepared, you can focus on enjoying.


With a deep concern for your health and safety, we are currently able to assist with 100% recommended CDC procedures and social distancing. We are vaccinated and still  masking.
With 50+ years of combined staff healthcare experience, we have you AND us covered with PPE as appropriate. 
We are vaccinated.

© 2020 M. Elsa Bui DBA Elderwheels

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Austin, TX 78721

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