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Elderwheels: a woman in a man's world

Currently the world of commercial transportation vehicles seems to be dominated by men, from taxi and MetroAccess drivers to ambulance transports, not to mention utility and delivery workers.

On a daily basis (and perhaps because I am aware that I am working in a world not often frequented by women), I get noticed when I get out of the van. Or when I enter a medical facility with a client in a wheelchair, sometimes you can barely see me behind it's size.

The medical transportation world is dominated by men. But, If your driver was a woman, how different could your experience be?

At Elderwheels, your driver is a woman. Not just any woman, but an experienced, highly skilled, highly empathetic female rehabilitation worker - - with so so so many years of working with all types of people with different needs and wishes! We have been humbled by the human patients we have met over the years and we see you.

Sometimes our attention to detail gets us into trouble, but for the most part, it is going to make your experience more comfortable and safe!

Who packs up the family to the most minute detail, even if you're just going for a day trip?


Who do you ask if you can't find something?


Who is going to take the time to care for you?


At Elderwheels, your driver is a mom.

The things she will notice AND do something about:

- You look like you're cold (I can turn the air down for you.)

- Your zipper isn't pulled up (Can I help you with that?)

- That was a long appointment (Are you hungry? Need the bathroom?)

- You seem flustered (What can I help you get before we load into the vehicle?)

- I checked yesterday and the address we're going to seems to be incorrect (I called the doctor's office to double check)

- I noticed you have your medication on the table (Would you like to take it before we leave?)

- I noticed you are home alone (Is there anything I can do for you before I leave today?)

- I noticed the mail just arrived (Can I bring it in for you?)

There is a lot going through our heads when we work with you, details to keep you safe that you don't even realize (as the mom arm swings out to stop the office door from banging your elbow). We back into the elevator so your wheelchair faces front. You won't be sitting in the back of the van like a package. If you want to take the scenic route and see the old neighborhood, it's up to you!

Your woman - mom driver is here to humanize your experience : )

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