YES, I can do that!

In my mind the possibilities are endless!

Elderwheels is parked in between traditional healthcare and non-profit senior services. It exists without extensive procedures, restraints and risk management-driven function of healthcare and goes BEYOND what a not-for-profit organization can offer for no cost, there is no application. There is a place for every medical facility and senior community organization, but the GAP is wide and it exists in many areas.

So many questions people have and my answer is YES, because Elderwheels does what YOU NEED, you do not have to meet certain restrictions. I just need to know a location, a time and what your needs are. The rest is just what I have been trained to do.

- Can you drive me to New Orleans?

- I haven't had a haircut in months ...

- I wish I could see the beach one last time ...

It's always a YES.

As I still work as a home health physical therapist, I hear the stories, and they are and have been the same week to week, year after year.

-- I filled out my MetroAccess application but I haven't heard anything back. It's been almost a month.

-- I didn't qualify for MetroAccess, my family doesn't want me to drive.

-- My daughter is supposed to drive me, but the last time we tried it I fell getting into her car.

-- Drive-A-Senior says they have a volunteer, but what about my wheelchair?

-- My son says take an Uber, but they just drop me off.

Elderwheels fills the gap.