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Elderwheels is a mission!

About 4 years into my career as a PT, a nurse on my team was annoyed at the way I always wanted to try something new. Why do I need ask "her" doctor for orders for this/that, why do I need more visits? You can't do that! Every time she would roll her eyes at me and every time I would get upset and want to leave my job. I had great therapists to work with, why could I not just be content?

One day she said to me something to the effect of, " you don't need to be in healthcare, you need to get to the Peace Corps!" I told her I always want to do that, and had also looked into Doctors without Borders. Obviously not a doctor, my skills were not as needed.

She was right in a lot of ways and I thank her for being who she is. Being a PT wasn't doing it for me, not for my higher purpose. I've had amazing job opportunities in these 20 years, my overachiever brain always wanted a challenge, but my heart wanted something with feeling, not paperwork. My practical vs empathetic sides were always jockeying for position and I would get bored at jobs. If you look at my resume, usually within 2 years of starting, I was at a new job because I wanted to learn something new and I hadn't found something to sustain me.

Each time though, I was adding skills to my toolbox and that has been the key!

More experiences would come from founding, running and supporting a business. For those who know me personally, Eastside Yoga was born out of a hope my husband and I had to better the world. It was our very own neighborhood Peace Corps. After 9 years we felt a need to shift, and change was so painfully difficult in every facet of life -- for EVERYone involved. But we started a new chapter that allowed our family to thrive and allowed us to follow the direction that felt right.

And now, here I am.

Elderwheels is the next phase of my realization and manifestation of my dharma, my purpose and duty in accordance with God and the universe, my true nature and joy. That's quite a sentence. It took a couple years since Eastside Yoga to figure it out. As it continues to unfold, I feel supported by partner, my friends and family, as I make my transition from healthcare to all-care. My brain and my heart are both happy.

So, thank you all!

(And yes, I'm crying right now...)

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