It's like riding a bike ... ?

People often refer to riding a bike when talking about learning something. Once you catch on your brain has it forever, like riding a bike. You never forget how to ride a bike.


When I was a little girl (similar age as my son now - 5 years) I had a difficult time learning to ride a bike. I never learned. I tried, but I never actually learned. My analytical brain relates it to being short and trying to learn on my older sister's bike (probably too big for me). My emotional side and my heart remember the pain. The laughter : (

My brain doesn't remember riding a bike when I was a kid. It remembers pain, and fear and embarrassment. I buried it deep.

I tried again about 10 years ago, had some bad falls, had the wrong type of bike, the fear was still there. As an adult there are many more factors. I didn't enjoy it. Sold that bike.

Got another bike a few years later. Fear doesn't just go away over time. More falls, more stress, getting upset with my well-meaning husband as he tried to coach me. Sold that bike.

You'll see me posting pics now of my family on bikes, my son with his training wheels and the littlest one in a trailer. You see, I needed the right motivation to be able to break through my fear and I needed to do it little by little, releasing the past pains.

I'm good at teaching people things. The pandemic gave us time this summer and I began taking my son to practice riding his bike in the neighborhood (me walking alongside) each morning. But I couldn't be in process of learning to ride and ride alongside my son, how could I protect him and not fall over in the process? I was telling him that being on a bike would give him freedom, wheels = freedom, yet I was holding on to so much inside.