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These bottles are essential Elderwheels employee gear

Is that a condiment bottle? (yes)

Some moms may remember the one with the round nozzle (hint, postpartum)...

They are lightweight and we carry them with us on every trip!

Got me yet?

It's something not every senior wants broadcasted but sure makes a difference on whether an outing is a miserable experience or not. Or, whether an outing is even possible.


We use these little spray bottles when an elder needs to go to the bathroom on an outing. A senior may not want to mention it but this is a major decision maker: will someone be able to take me to the bathroom while I am out? Can I ask the front desk receptionist to take me because I need a little help? How do I open the heavy bathroom door, keep my balance and get through the door, much less how do I get on and off a toilet when someone else is using the disabled toilet stall? And if using a wheelchair, multiply that difficulty x 10.

Being clean, feeling clean ... it is a human need, a basic need that as younger adults we may take for granted. But if you are an elder and your stomach doesn't do too well these days, OR if your bowel movements happen everyday at the SAME TIME, and that happens to be when you are supposed to be seeing the doctor (or any outing), it's a game changer.


It's not out of the ordinary for us, it is a standard we uphold. It is a basic human need.

Elderwheels can help!

(And we are not shy. Nope, no problem commandeering a bathroom for you and playing defense so you are safe and prioritized.)

You deserve to live with dignity ...

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